k2 e-liquid code red Incense k2 paper

2 papers that have been infused with 24ml of k2 e liquid code red spray each..

Theses sheets are colorless and odorless


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k2 e-liquid code red Incense k2 paper

k2 e-liquid spray,

code red is an unbelievable blend of k2 spray that has been made to energize you and also take  you to a new energy level. You can purchase this sweet and aromatic blend only from Vaporizer spot shop.

This blend also stimulates your reasoning and increases the sense of reasoning to your surrounding. When k2 e-liquid is taken, it gives you and unbelievable feeling that you have never seem before .

Only few drops are needed to take you to a new energy level and drive you to that side of feeling that you have never had before. k2 e-liquid code red amazon

k2 e-liquid code red, will last for hours when taken and bring you a higher sense of thinking and uplift your mood. It bring about and improve level of contemplation and relaxation since it creates a positive mind set. code red has a very sweet aroma. Hence, can be taken in vaporizers and with this products you can be confident that you are getting the best mood booster so far.

Benefits of Code red

Each container contains 100 dosages, providing up to 200 hours of pleasure.

Each container contains 1000 mg of active ingredients.

Made proudly in the United States of America

This results in a more uplifted state of mind.

animates your mind

Provides extreme relaxation for contemplation

Guaranteed Legal in each of the 50 states

It is been made in the United States

Its also legal in all 50 states

Code red is the best e liquid blend on planet earth.

This e liquid is not advisable for human consumption. if you need to use, make sure just a drop is taken. This one drop will take you a long way.






2 Sheets


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